• Chill Mold Construction

    For Maximum Flexibility of Product Designs

All chill mold and tools
are manufactured in-house.

  • Production of high-precision tools with the expertise of casting professionals

  • Production of molds and cores made of hot-working steel with hot-work steel CNC-driven milling machines, eroding systems and rotating and grinding machines

  • Use of modern CAD-CAM software

  • Regular quality checks of the manufacturing process

The engineers and mold makers of KRAUSE GUSS are your competent contacts to discuss your design ideas of your upcoming products. From the construction and the design of the mold, our technicians create the actual mold for the production of your component. It is ready for use in no time. If the component changes, we change the mold according to the modified specifications, at any time, quickly and customer-oriented.

For the mold makers of KRAUSE GUSS, the maintenance and upkeep of the molds belong to the full service as well as the professional storage. You can be sure that even after years you will receive identical components with the same specifications and quality as those ordered initially.

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