• Casting Process

    Precision meets robustness

Chill casting makes it possible: create precision,
and robust components.

  • In-house alloy production

  • Gravity-supported filling of the molds

  • Wall thickness starting at 2.5 millimeters, depending on geometry and material

  • Components up to a height of 350 millimeters and a weight between 20 grams to 15 kilograms in series of 20 to 5,000 units

  • Casting of components in copper, brass, bronze and aluminiu-bronze alloys – cast by hand or machine

  • Prototype fabrication on the basis of a sand mold

Our technicians develop the alloys in-house according to your requirements. With an alloy, you can variably change the properties, such as strength or wear and corrosion resistance – an important economic factor.
The decision of which material to use depends on your requirements and the anticipated uses of the component. Our casting process enables us to produce even the smallest series (starting at 20 pieces) economically. For higher quantities, the fast, rational casting sequence and the relatively low level of finishing of the raw casting contribute to the cost efficiency. The cost-efficiency of chill casting and its finishing benefits increase with the demands on quality and surface features.

  • Low quantities of material used, thus lower material costs and envvironmental impact

  • Lower processing costs, less expenditure for tools and equipment

  • Low-pore, dense casting with high structural integrity and flexible mechanical properties

  • Smooth surfaces and delicate geometries

  • Flexibility in alloy design – even seawater-resistant alloys can be produced

  • Easily modified and adapted

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