• Quality Management

    Plan. Do. Check. Act.

We at KRAUSE GUSS do not only want to fullfil the requests of our customers, but also closely follow legal requirements and our self-imposed standards. We have aligned these requirements with our business processes, focusing on the aspects of quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and a healthy lifestyle. Driving all business processes is our quality management system. It provides a consistent, documented structure for all standards and regulations applicable to the company, which is accessible to all employees. And it defines the methods and instruments so that everyone in the company can implement these requirements. To ensure that all of this has the desired outcome, management and staff have committed to implement the provisions stated in the quality management system.

„Quality management is what we do on a daily basis.“

– Uli Krause, CEO

We meet the requirements of the current international quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001. Further requirements, such as the certification of the environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, laws, regulations on occupational and plant safety, health protection and emergency planning, risk management, information, communication and knowledge management, have already been taken into account for certification. These areas are a voluntary commitment for us.

Our quality management system involves management, core and support processes. These are subject to the so-called PDCA cycle, the Plan- Do-Check-Act in the continuous improvement process. We at KRAUSE GUSS want to make sure that we work according to an effective, feasable and above all customer-oriented management system. This system is continuously refined to ensure that it remains effective – one of the important functions of our management.

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