• Corporate Philosophy

    Our Values, Visions and Strategies

Together, we can achieve more

KRAUSE GUSS acts sustainably, socially and ecologically. All processes in the company are focused on quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and a healthy lifestyle. As a company, we are dedicated to customer service. Therefore, we live a corporate culture which is based on respect, empowerment and trust. One which encourages all to continually raise quality standards. Our managers see the big picture and act like entrepreneurs. They have the important task of inspiring staff to see the whole.

Our highly motivated, well-trained employees, state- of-the-art technology, quality-assuring management systems and a healthy relationship to the environment prove that we at KRAUSE GUSS have already done a lot for the future-oriented service to our customers. But we will not rest on our laurels. Everyone at KRAUSE GUSS is already set for the next steps towards a bright future.

„We want to maintain stability while investing in the future. We want to inspire and promote. We want to create trust. Fair play in all aspects.“

– Uli Krause, CEO

The ten cornerstones of our corporate philosophy

Always goal oriented.

  • We want all products and services from our company to offer perfection and reliability for our customers.

  • With future-driven investment strategies in the latest technology and an outstanding training standard, we secure economic stability.

  • We continue to refine the quality and efficiency of our company processes.

  • We strive to further expand the know-how available to the company and train every employee to reach respective qualifications.

  • Our leadership qualities will not only be maintained, but also expanded.

  • Through new products and new processes, we want to unlock new markets.

  • We initiate the improvement of products and processes.

  • We contniue to prove our position in the market as experts for chill casting and be recognized as inventive spirits In the area of product development.

  • We plan to expand our research and development activities.

  • We endeavor to protect nature, the environment, and conserve natural resources.

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