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The chillmold (reusable steel mold) is filled with the liquid melt in a manual casting process with the help of gravity. The permanent mold casting process is characterized not only by the fact that excess material is saved directly in the casting process, but also by the fact that the properties, such as strength or wear and corrosion resistance, can be variably changed in the individual alloy production. Permanent mold casting is a production process that has evolved from a centuries-old tradition and continues to gain in importance in today’s technologically advanced times. It is the most cost- effective production method for many components and allows for the highest quality results.

  1. Freedom of component design
    Complex inner and outer contours are precisely mapped directly in a single step.
  1. Diverse component design
    Almost unlimited shaping possibilities. You can expect a ready-to-install production of the component, a perfect surface quality, and an attractive design of the component. Wall thickness starts with as little as 2.5 mm.
  1. Additional components can be cast in the same mold
    Such as bolts, casings and nuts, etc. made of other types of metals.
  1. Compliance with low tolerances according to customer requirements
    Einhaltung geringer Toleranzen nach Kundenwunsch
  1. Cost-effective production of small batch sizes
    Lower tool costs compared to pressure or sand casting procedures.
  1. Efficient use of material
    Allowing for low material costs and a lower environmental impact.
    The early optimization of component design from the casting, production and application standpoints, as well as the collaboration between engineers and manufacturers, reduce the material usage ratio.
  1. Lower processing costs
    Lower costs for machinery and tools
  1. Flexibility in material selection
    In-house production of alloys
  1. 100% reusable
    Cast components are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.
  1. Weldable
    Subject to material and intended use

Time is money – this holds true for both the customer and the supplier

To ensure that an inquiry can be processed promptly and according to the customer’s wishes, the information provided is essential.

Asking yourself the following questions will provide us with the most helpful information when you place your request:

  1. Do you require a specified alloy or are you open to suggestions?
  2. Is there a margin of tolerance in the dimensions of your design?
  3. What will the component be used for?
  4. Would you like us to optimize the design of your desired component?
  5. In what quantity / batch size should the component be produced?

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