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Engineering true to casting guarantees efficient production

Our engineering – your benefits

  • Development and optimization of the chill mould using the CAD system by considering the economical, material and application-technological requirements
  • Laying of the components suitable for casting including core development
  • Development of the casting tools and the fixture engineering
  • Simulation of the casting process
  • Support of the client at an early stage to engineer cost-efficient casting components
  • Use of state-of-the-art CAD-CAM software

Uli Krause, CEO

“Your benefit: an easy come – easy go package for your casting requirements – whether they are technically high-standard or price-sensitive”

True full service from one source.

Focussing on your usage:

The purpose determines engineering!

We are experts in this

Engineering and Shape

…of a chill mould have a great impact on the technical and economical value of a cast part. At Krause Precision Chill Casting engineering occurs by foundry experts. They base engineering on clear technological guidelines while they focus on functionality, material properties and economical factors of the workpiece at the same time. CAD software allows us to adapt the model data continuously and flexibly. This occurs until the best result is reached. Detailed calculations and drawings help you to be assured in the planning process that your component will ultimately work perfectly. 3-D visualizations of the chill mould and the cast part provide realistic images even before the tool is manufactured. Casting simulations and stability calculations are used to visually verify the behavior of your cast part during the casting process and subsequent usage.

Have confidence in the Krause Precision Chill Casting and in over 40 years of experience in which high-precision cast parts have been developed and produced for a variety of industries and usages. Request the best. That’s what we’ve always been providing.

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