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Krause Precision Chill Casting – achieving more together

Values, visions, strategies: the corporate philosophy

Krause Precision Chill Casting acts sustainable socially and ecologically. All processes of our company are based on the aspects quality, environmental protection, job safety and health promotion. Our corporate philosophy focuses on client service. That’s why our company culture respects people, gives motivation and trust. It guides in every aspect to keep raising quality to new standards: the thinking and acting of our managers is integral and entrepreneurial. They have the important task to make the staff to see the entity.

Our highly motivated and well-trained staff, modern environment, quality assuring management tool and a good relation with the environment prove that Krause Precision Chill Casting has done a lot for a future-oriented client service. We don’t want to sit back. The next steps have already been agreed between management and staff.

Uli Krause, CEO

„We are prepared to invest and also to secure. We want to motivate and promote. We want to create trust.“

Fair play in every respect.

Krause Precision Chill Casting

The ten principles of our corporate policy

Focussing on the goal

The ten pillars of our corporate policy

  • All products and services of our company offer perfection and reliability to our clients.
  • Future-driven investement strategies for new technologies and an excellent training standard guarantee the economic future in the location Germany.
  • Our company processes are continuously to be further developed regarding quality and efficiency.
  • The knowhow in the company will continuously be expanded and for this purpose we train and qualify each staff member.
  • Our quality leadership is not only to be maintained but expanded.
  • We want to open new markets through new products and new processes.
  • We give impulses to improve products and processes.
  • We want to continue proving our position in the market as experts in chill casting and recognized inventive spirits in product development.
  • We want to expand our research and development activities.
  • We want to respect nature and the environment and protect the resources.

Krause Precision Chill Casting

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