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Chill casting using copper

Basis for

a number of usages: Copper is the oldest casting material in the world

Electrically conductive, very durable and well shapable

Krause Precision Chill Casting produces casting parts of copper and different copper, bronze and aluminum alloys. The specialty: Krause Precision Chill Casting develops alloys in-house if requested. The decision which material to use depends on the client requirements and the usage envisaged. The type of alloy has a great impact on the mechanical properties of the component.


Krause Precision Chill Casting casts pure copper. Parts made of copper conduct electrical currents with a minor resistor. Furthermore, copper is very corrosion-resistant – be it above or under water. The solidity and conductivity and last but not least the costs can vary depending on the alloy selected.

The Usage

Copper components deriving from the chill casting process are ideal for usages where electrical currents play a role. The material is very interesting for example in electrical engineering to cast conducting components or switches.

Additionally, copper is the basis for all brass and special alloys.


About 50 percent of copper production is used in electrical engineering. Copper is the base material for brass, aluminum-bronze and special alloys which are interesting for various industries and fields.

  • Copper-Zinc (brass, Cu-ZN) a very conductive and very resistant to corrosion even in terms of sea water. A specialty: the complex casting of lead free copper alloys. Another specialty: a special copper-zinc alloy corrosion resistant against chemicals even seawater resistant. For further information ->
  • Aluminum-bronze (Cu-Al) is a corrosion resistant copper aluminum alloy with extremely high stability values even in higher temperatures.For further information ->

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