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Request the best from our consultancy team for your personal solution.

We do the consultancy – you can benefit.

  • Great knowledge in casting technology and inventive spirit when it comes to material and process technology
  • Close collaboration between client, developers, engineers and chill mould producers to bring out the best from the functional, technological and economical points of view.
  • Processes are technically synchronized with each other enabling a high degree in flexibility for alterations and high quality work on all levels

Uli Krause, CEO

„We work closely together with the client already in the consultancy and development phases.”

We jointly pave the way to produce a successful cast part.

Chill casting makes it happen:

Your ideas are what counts for development!

The result is precision work

Performance and Purpose

…of a workpiece is the basis for the production process. The development engineers of Krause Precision Chill Casting and yourself elaborate the perfect solution: your part is to specify the individual requirements and our part during the consultancy and development phases is to optimize your casting process sustainably through optimal engineering and material.

Rely on our over 40 years of experience in which we’ve been developing and producing high precision casting parts for different fields and usages. Request the best. That’s what we’ve been providing.

Precision chill casting

in the best hands

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