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All of your chill moulds and tools are produced in-house.

Our flexibility when it comes to chill mould production increases your productivity.

  • Poduction of chill moulds and core extractions of heat resistant steel by use of CNC-driven milling-machines
  • Permanent quality checks
  • Production of highly precise tools by use of the casting experts’ knowledge
  • Prototype production by means of sand casting processes for product tests
  • Use of state-of-the-art CAD-CAM software

Our engineering – your benefits

No matter if you order small or large quantities of cast parts: Krause Precision Chill Casting is flexible in meeting your requirements and offers you a perfect service and high-quality products at fair prices. Each chill mould is produced in-house by the chill mould production unit.

Britta Strunz, CEO

“Our chill mould producers and engineers work closely together to achieve an optimal casting result.”

To work closely with the client is important to us.

In-house chill mould production

Fast, flexible, client-driven

For the best overall results.

Reasons why our chill mould production unit closely collaborates with the engineering unit

Early cooperation between engineers and chill mould producer almost always leads to a better solution from the technological and economical points of view. The engineers and chill mould experts at Krause Precision Chill Casting are your competent contact persons to discuss engineering ideas regarding your future product. Our technical experts produce the chill mould in such a way that the properties of your component are optimized by the casting options. CNC, milling, turning and eroding machines are used to produce the actual chill mould to manufacture your component according to the drawing. The chill mould is ready to use in a very short time. If a component changes we are able to alter the chill mould according to the revised requirements at any point, fast and client-driven.

Our service in terms of chill mould production: storage of your chill mould.

The maintenance and repair of the chill moulds is part of the full service provided by the chill mould producer at Krause Precision Chill Casting the same way as professional storage. This guarantees that the replacements produced will be of the same quality as the initial orders even after years since the exact specifications are stored with us.

Have confidence in the Krause Precision Chill Casting and in over 40 years of experience in which high-precision cast parts have been developed and produced for a variety of industries and usages. Request the best. That’s what we’ve always been providing.


Precision chill casting

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