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Chill casting makes it happen: precision, paired with a high degree of stability.

Our casting process – your benefits

  • Chill moulds are filled by use of gravity
  • In-house production of alloys
  • Prototypes are built on the basis of sand chill moulds
  • Casting of components in copper, brass, bronze and aluminum alloys (manual casting or automated casting)
  • Workpieces in sizes up to 350 millimeters and a weight of 20 grams to 15 kilograms and series of 20 to 20,000 units
  • Wall thickness from 2.5 millimeters, depending on the geometry and material of the component

Britta Strunz, CEO

“The casting process is the shortest way from the crude metal to the finished part!”

This is true when experts are in charge.


Interesting casting process even for mini series.

Krause Precision Chill Casting produces cast parts from various copper, bronze and aluminum alloys. Our specialty: our technicians produce the alloys themselves based on the requirements. Each alloy can change the properties such as stability, wear or corrosion resistance flexibly – quite an important economic factor.

The decision which material is to be used depends on the client’s requirements and the usage envisaged. Our casting process even allows us to produce mini series from 20 units at a reasonable price. For larger numbers of units, the fast and rational casting sequence and the relatively low post-processing of the raw part contribute to the efficiency. Basically: the cost-effectiveness of chill casting with its processing benefits increases with the quality and surface quality requirements.Die Vorteile des Kokillengusses auf einen Bli

Overview of the chill casting benefits

  • Lower quantities of material used and therefore low cost of supplies and a better environmental balance
  • Low post-processing costs, lower effort for tools
  • Firm casting low in voids with high stability and flexible mechanical properties
  • Smooth surfaces and subtle geometries
  • Flexible In terms of alloy composition – even saltwater-proof alloys are producible easily
  • Easily alterable and adaptable
Have confidence in the Krause Precision Chill Casting and in over 40 years of experience in which high-precision cast parts have been developed and produced for a variety of industries and usages. Request the best. That’s what we’ve always been providing.

Chill casting – highly flexible

Stable, precise and attractive in terms of prices

That’s what chill casting is all about!

Precision chill casting

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