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Chill casting using aluminum bronze

Neutral and acerbic, diluted media? Sea water?

No problem for aluminum bronze

Aluminum bronze is heat resistant and extremely corrosion resistant

Alumimum bronze is a golden, castable and forgeable copper alloy. The aluminum content is mostly between nine and 14 percent. Frequently, iron, manganese and nickel are added as alloy elements. If there is an aluminum content of approximately 10 percent, the aluminum-bronze alloy will be 15 percent lighter than an aluminum-free copper alloy. Simultaneously, the stability properties, yield point and tenacity are increasedby 100 percent and are in the range of the best types of steel.


Aluminum-bronze alloys have extremely high stability values even in high temperatures. The material is resistant to neutral and acerbic, diluted media and to sea water.


Due to the excellent properties of the material, aluminum-bronze alloys become more and more important in pump, mechanical and apparatus engineering. The usage is broad – for casting of sliding components, bearings, convulsions, bolts, screws or cog wheels. Aluminum-bronzes are also ideal for mixed engineering parts since they are weldable in an excellent manner – even with steel.

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…produces casting parts of copper and various copper, bronze and aluminum alloys. The specialty: Krause Precision Chill Casting develops alloys in-house if requested. The decision which material to use depends on the client requirements and the usage envisaged.

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