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Precise, strong, robust: Krause Precision Chill Casting casts Progress.

Our EUROGUSS 2018 experience:

Chill Casting enhancing Efficiency and Precision

See for yourself! The properties of the material and the surface quality of the cast parts out of the chill moulds are excellent – the usage of the workpieces is manifold. The material required is quite limited. The cost for post-processing and tools is lower compared to procedures such as sand casting or pressure die casting. Krause Precision and Chill Casting is even in the position to produce prototypes and mini series for you at a reasonable price. For larger numbers of units the fast and rational casting sequence and relatively little post-processing of the raw cast part help to keep the costs favorable. Our specialists know: the cost-effectiveness of chill casting with its processing benefits increases with the quality and surface quality requirements. Good to know: the melt is cast into the permanent metal chill mould by use of gravity.

KRAUSE Precision Chill Casting

For over 40 years.

Competent partner in the industry for brass casting, copper casting, bronze casting and aluminum casting.

Uli Krause, CEO

“We live precision. And this is to our clients’ benefit.”

Chill casting provides so many options for your product development! We also cast the delicate superalloys. Because we know how it works.

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